A prerequisite for the Soulresponding training is Life experience and ideally some prior experience in working with people (for example psychotherapy and systemic family constellations) − particularly the courage, to enter untouched spaces and that means: to expose yourself to new experiences with yourself. Because training means before anything else to experience yourself without any compromise. This courage is combined with the desire: no more half hearted measures that never take into account your full potential, no more professional engagements that take your own breathing space away. Instead the desire to do something real, that allows my total congruency with myself, and that expands your boarders to a totally new level of consciousness.

The Training is custom made − according to your personal prerequisites. This includes your own issues, the time and money to be invested. In general, the training requires 3h of daily work and can be accomplished with in one year. The training includes: continuous telephone coaching plus homework, weekend and weeklong seminars, individual intensives and supervision on trainee sessions in the training situation with guests/patients.

Besides these advantages, you will have access to a network of Soulresponders, who coach each other individually minus mutual and without supplementary cost.

At the end of the training you are in a situation to do a real dream job: you accompany people on their path from Blindness towards illusions to the reality of freedom, into the all surrounding love − and thus you will need to stay in a continuous work on yourself. You have the possibility, to work over the phone worldwide − completely independent and with no not time & space limitations.