Having a Soulresponding session − How does it work?

The framework can be rather flexible: the guest/patient and the Soulresponder are alone in the treatment room or together with the other members of the therapeutical group. This can be in an undisturbed room, on a walk or on the phone. Important is the absolute confidentiality. And then the session can start:

  • The Soulresponder makes sure he is present a 100% with his heart and totally connected, i.e. he enters total presence, grounds himself and makes sure, his inner guide/observer is present: the state of constant self-checking is ongoing during the session.
  • The guest/patient starts telling about him/herself and allows the Soulresponder to understand what is his/her motivation to look for help. It maybe an illness, a problem with oneself or with others, an event that has thrown him off track or whatever may have happened. All and everything needs to be seen in order to indicate the truth, that is to be seen and understood right now, to liberate life again. We start to look at bodily or hearty challenges as gifts. Once they are taken as gifts, the symptom of illness has no more function − it can disappear or be transformed.
  • The Soulresponder listens carefully, brings the guest/patient to be totally present (to be totally in the here and now and be totally connected to ones feelings) , encourages to speak out clearly and without holding back anything and checks with his finger by using it like a pendulum

  • As soon as the Soulresponder realizes that any of his explanations are not really true, he will interrupt the guest/patient and tell him: »not true« this is a mask, this is a trick, this is only true by 30%, this is true but only on the forth rang − there are all kind of precise comments possible. With this kind of precision and lack of compromise, the entire Soulresponding process is possible.
  • After having interrupted the flow, the Soulresponder questions himself interiorly, what message instead is real/true. He will either check intuitive reactions with the help of his finger, or by taking as a helping tool the Matrix, a collection of 550 terms organized according to clusters/patterns. In this way, the Soulresponder and the guest/patient find their path towards the main issue, that is the main cause of the problem for the time being. It is decisive that every step is exactly checked − a constant question & answer process inside the Soulresponder with the Inner Guidance and parallel there is a constant question & answer process with the guest/patient. Until the truth is pealed out of the shell, that works liberating in the HERE & NOW.
  • What is »a priori« very unusual for the inexperienced guest/patient and can even be irritating and even hard to believe is the fact, that there is no judgement at all at any time. There is no »right/true« that the guest has to accept, there is no »wrong/false« that he has to let go, no position, no emotion, no claim hat could be bad, sinful, undesired, unhealthy or not »god sent«, no objective to be reached by the soul nor any correct conscience that he needs to be guided to. The letting go of any judgement is a constant and ultimate challenge for the Soulresponder. When its time for the guest to feel hatred or anger towards a certain person, then this is his/her truth, then this needs to be totally accepted emotionally − there is no other way for him to move on in his own process.
  • During the constant questioning the inner guide, it is decisive for the Soulresponder to check where the guest could be or even is a mirror for his own issues. For the finger it does not matter where is the default, it reacts to the guest as much as to the Soulresponder. So as the Soulresponder in charge, I need to be aware beforehand, if the issue(s) we are dealing with in the guest are not also my own issues that need as much liberation through truth. The next step in the process is to accept (accepting him as part of myself) the fact that the guest is mirroring me an issue of my own − and then to look on, if the reaction of my finger is (also) valid for the guest. Such a mirroring effect nearly happens in every session, as we can be certain that the issues the guest brings along as a gift will be exactly the issue that is the most important one for ourselves.
  • The Soulresponder ends up formulating the essential message in a specific short message, that they have come up with in the process − a kind of key-sentence, and asks the guest to feel if the key sentence expresses adequately what they have been digging out as the main issue. Normally it is worth to repeat the sentence several times loudly until the truth can be completely felt. It is essential that the Soulresponder stays entirely aware for himself and the guest, looking after the guest and checking his own presence, if necessary helping him to stay in that presence: only in total presence can the guest feel the truth; and only when he can take his truth to his own heart at a 100% - is it possible to set him free − which is often linked to very strong emotions.
  • It has paid off, to look only into one main issue during one Soulresponding session − but to do this with all intensity and urgency. Otherwise you are risking that the truth cannot really enter and anchor in the cell structure, thus allowing other issues to take over or to reduce their importance.
  • The last question to be answered by the SOURESPONDER (and the Inner Guidance) is the one of the »homework«. The liberation through truth wants to come into life, wants to come into the body, wants to come into the daily life − meaning she needs to become sustainable. Homework can mean anything: this can mean to talk the talk with the difficult person − where we were lacking courage until now. Homework can mean to do a daily physical or mental exercise. Homework can mean to transform the daily routine in a lasting way. Homework can mean to put into reality the new behaviour that is now possible − needing to be practiced on a daily basis, replacing the egoistic behavioural patterns. Homework can mean to go straight to bed and to catch up lost sleep. All is possible. But only one homework is essential in the very moment. This needs to be found out from the Inner Guidance.
  • The length of one session should not be limited beforehand. It can be over with after three sentences. Or it can take half an hour. Very seldom it may take longer.