What is Soulresponding?

Soul Responding is a method developed by Christhard Baller, to make visible the knowing of the soul through perceptions you get through your body. The soul answers as precisely as she is asked and leads us precisely to the issues which bind our life energies in the current situation we are in, issues that are have matured to be accepted and integrated. This will dissolve blockages and life's energy can flow again. Wherever life's energy flows, healing happens and life's issues become clear. Soulresponding started in the therapeutical sector, but has now gone far beyond that domain and can be applied to all sectors of life.

When the soul responds, the illusion of separation disappears.

Never are you separated. In the body of all and every being, you are one cell. Everything is connected with everything. Whatever you do and whenever: you are always inflicting this to yourself. You are never disconnected from your soul: you are soul. Your body is what you can perceive from your soul with your five senses. When you listen to your body (with Soulresponding for example) you hear your soul speak. And your soul knows everything, as she is connected with everything. And the soul knows: whatever happens is designed to make you healed and become whole.


When the soul responds, healing happens

The soul heals itself. We only listen to her and let us be guided by her. Our body being the visible manifestation of the soul, has registered all information concerning the soul and reacts to all events happening in the soul − it's the body who reacts, when you ask the soul. Because we are all interconnected, my soul receives he message from your soul, whatever she says − and my body reacts to this. These reactions can be made visible and can be interpreted. This is what is used in the radioesthetics and in the kinesiology. Christhard Baller has developed a very direct, simple and efficient system to question the body in what he knows and thus make the language of the soul be heard seeking its own healing.


When the soul responds, the truth will set you free!

We all live in a prison of our own making - more or less. And we have been getting used to this to an extend, where we don't realize this prison anymore. All of this makes us exhausted and fed up: a constant feeling of uneasiness, a biting + nagging dissatisfaction, the feeling of »this cannot be all and everything we are supposed to experience in the here and now«, the experience of falling back into the same imprisonment after each successful escape, the experience of relapsing into the same pattern over and over again after each attempt to get rid of this slavery-pattern. And all of the companions around us tell us to change, so that we finally may become acceptable as we are, and that we may finally become happy inside. When our soul responds, she gives us a different answer: look at it! »This is your truth − accept her and you will be free to be as you are.« So the issue is not about an unshaken truth(that cannot be challenged) that is valid for all and everything, and which requires me to adapt myself. The issue is the truth which wants to be manifested now in my life, which is now the next goalpost to be passed, knowing that without it − I cannot be whole. Only: my truth is very often the opposite of my own image of myself. This is very unpleasant to look at. And to stay with it, to feel it entirely and to take the consequences from it − that cannot be achieved without being accompanied. And this is what happens in every Soulresponding session.


When the soul responds, it's more than a habitual method of healing:

It's a path, to connect in all of life's domains at any moment in time with the Being, out of which all and everything comes into existence − and thus to get an answer to the question: what is the issue now? What is now the truth that sets me free? The range goes from existential life questions to simple decisions in everyday life. This may be during the shopping in the supermarket, during a rendez-vous, during a leisurely trip into nowhere or when you are changing jobs, even when we decide what to do tonight and where to go to? Or with whom do I feel like sharing my living space − for the next couple of months? So far we have not discovered any sector in life where this questioning is not functioning − and where it shows us what is »o.k.« for us in this given moment without going down the habitual »trial- and error-route«. The more we can avoid the small and huge and sometimes even painful detours in life, the more we are having an open space in our life.