Supervision means to look after to check and control, which implies to have a Higher Perspective and the necessary distance. Whoever is too close to the issues, looses the general insight, the total view, looses the view for the specific issue, and ends up seeing everything in a blurry. This lacking distance that makes us loose the overall perspective for decisive issues is a common phenomena − and can have devastating effects particularly in the sector of coaching and therapy. It's sufficient to lack awareness and presence for a second − and analogue to your pc you pushed the wrong button, triggering something you did not intend, That is why the responsible Soulresponder will always look for a supervisor to accompany him/her.

But. Supervision is a painful and time consuming business even for the professional: to listen to the entire process of one session or constellation, ideally word by word in order to find out where something went wrong, is a rather time consuming business that you don't like to engage in as a therapist or a supervisor. With the Soulresponding process, supervision is easy to accomplish: »I just worked with Mr/Mrs XY − can you have a look if there is anything missing?« With the help of the finger, the supervisor received his answers on his finger and then he will − according to an inner checklist − question, in what sector something went wrong − and within minutes he has identified the missing issues.
By these means, all kind of therapeutical sessions can be supervised, completely independent from what method is used. As much as meditations, coaching's, team member training, school lessons and also medications through recipes.

Among Soulresponders, supervision has gained a new quality of bluntlessness and being without ultimate support. There is nothing that does not get tested. And that is exactly what is needed. Because with every supervision making us understand and overcome our therapeutical insufficiencies, we move on − on the path of our freedom. With every supervision making us better understand our »your heart was not open at all«, »in reality I wanted to go to bed with him/her«, »in reality you hate him/her«, »why don't you look at your mission consciousness«, »you have made yourself small out of neediness«, »the decisive issue was not seen by you because it is your issue too«, »you have used, abused him/her«, »why do you battle with your client?«, »have you identified your mother in that process«, or ..., or ..., or ...− with every attention we give to where it is the most unpleasant and uncomfortable, Soulresponding happens with and for ourselves: liberation through truth.

This type of supervision is independent from time and space. And this can also be helpful from the perspective of the patient/guest.
Very typical is the opening of the conversation: »I was 1996 in a family constellation, it was fascinating, and I discovered something there that I have not forgotten since, I have not been able to get over it since ...« Also here the finger equally knows, if this concerns an unexplained misunderstanding, whether this really is his/her own stuff, whether he/she has attracted something strange, without the family constellation facilitator realizing this to happen... It can happen, that a long-term unhappy/unhealthy connection can be dissolved in two sentences. Or an issue that needed therapeutical treatment for years, now finally finds its own rightful place.