How the 2nd finger becomes a perceptive organ

The brain research has completely changed our thinking and brought it down to earth. Whatever we perceive and subsequently transform into thoughts, obeys habitudes of perception and thinking, that tend to get more rigid, the more we repeat them with every thought about our reality. Our thinking happens in predetermined thought-patterns. We only see what our spectacles allow us to see. Outside of these patterns, there does not seem to be anything. With every thinking, the thought, that has been thought before becomes a beaten track. The more we think, the more we mix up or reality and what are our thoughts about this reality, which by going along the same synapse-tracks do tend to repeat the same over and over again. It's a fatal error to think, that »I am my thoughts« − even if Descartes has postulated this idea. And hat the world exists in the structures as I perceive them, is a thinking pattern that gets challenged in the first semester of any Biology-studies.

We move on while we are thinking within the cage of our own thoughts − like a hamster in his running wheel that never gets anywhere. By thinking about problems/issues, nothing new has never really happened. It was always a thought coming from outside that struck us from somewhere else than expected, from above or from inside − in any case coming from an area beyond our thoughts. Let us call this intuition just to make things easy. What we do think about us is not us − does not represent us the way we really are. Even more: it is an illusion that hinders us, to really find to ourselves and be with our selves. We are prisoners of this illusion. We suffer and get ill because of our thoughts about ourselves. Soulresponding is a path out of this prison. For this to happen you need a method that allows you to get beyond your thinking, beyond the illusion, a method that will bring out our silent and »unseizable + unspeakable« intuition to speak out.

The so-called radiesthesie is such a method. She uses the knowledge that our entire body perceives a lot more than our five senses allow us to perceive. And the body reacts to our unconscious intuitive perceiving with very fine spontaneous muscular reactions. These muscular reactions can be made visible through the pendulum or through a radiesthesic tool. Evidently it is not the pendulum which has a magical life of its own, but our bodily perceptions are transmitted to those tools and thus become visible and understandable. This is a wonderful tool. Only: who wants to walk around continuously (and in reality you would need it all he time) with such a tool, being in a conversation looking all the time to the pendulum, or with every buying decision in the shop pull out the pendulum for a YES or a NO, or with every man-woman encounter (and here it would be especially useful to have it available) in order to check with the pendulum the authenticity of all feelings being mutual or not.

Its just simply impractical, not considering the strange impression you will make − unless you really want to leave that impression. This method is restricted for special events − what a pity. That's why Christhard Baller has been looking for a radioesthetics without tools, that he can use everywhere without being slowed down, without irritating clients or other guests. He found out that he can program his second finger like a pendulum − for example for questioning about a »YES« or a »NO«, to question numbers, sequences and percentages. And he found out that others can also learn this method easily. Some learn it within seconds, others have to practice some more. It's a question of how relaxed you are learning it (learning in a playful way has the highest probability of success) and also a question of confidence: as long as I don't really trust myself and my intuition, my finger will also not be willing to indicate anything useful − even though being called the indicator finger.

Programming the finger

Prenotice: the technique can be explained here and its fun to test playfully, if the finger really reacts the way I described. But the really serious use of the finger cannot be learned in a self training without supervision. Our ego is too tricky. When we are stuck in a particular fear or in a projection and we have not learned to really let go and to really question the issue from all sides − or even if we only have vital interests in a certain specific outcome because we consider this outcome the right one, then the finger will fool us and show us our ego-structure rather than the truth that sets free − and that ay have quite some painful consequences, because it only reinforces our unhappiness. There is no alternative to the training in the framework of a complete trainings- cluster, which is always a path of experiencing yourself deeper at the same time - a path where you have your specific traps to be experienced, learned and avoided. And this process never ends: even the most experienced soulresponder needs constant supervision.

And that's how we can programme the indicator finger:

In a very similar way like using the pendulum or the radiesthesie tool, you make an agreement with yourself, what movement of the finger indicates what message. It is important that this agreement is clear and distinguishable. You tell your indicator finger, what he has to do according to which answer he gets, and you can practice his with easy questions that are self evident in their answers (for example: am I born in Stuttgart?) until the finger knows without any doubt, how he has to move with each answer he gets. One of the main challenges stays to trust the truth of your own body. For that challenge, exercise in the group is the best answer − because i's more fun to do it together, the necessary relaxed state of mind comes around easier and the step into not having any intentions of whatsoever anymore is easier to take. Because this is the trick: I look at the finger in a seemingly disinterested way, as if he was not my finger anymore and observe his own life in a fascinated way. A real good means of counterchecking the answer is by testing that will bring the proof, which is the trial to move the finger into the visibly wrong direction. After a certain time in training, this will not be possible anymore, or maybe only against a palpable opposition.

What has the finger to learn so that he can talk with us?

Starting with a »Yes« and »No«. Because Soulresponding is the art of questioning − before anything else. When you ask the right questions, you can find your way to the soul with »Yes« and »No«. Most likely you would program your indicator finger into a rightwing turning for a »Yes« and a leftwing turning for a »No«.

This is the most important. With this tool, all intuitive up-comings and thoughts can be verified or falsified. You know immediately, which answer »has energy« and which one hasn't, what is important now and what shouldn't be dealt with for the moment, whether others or yourself are present, authentic and in your power or not. And that becomes really interesting at times (and heavy at other times) when your finger suddenly knows something that you really don't want to know so clearly. Then it happens that the truth that has the potential to liberate, may inject quite some fear into our ego, the very place where all our patterns are based. That only shows how important is the truth and to deal with the truth.

In a similar way it is quite important when working with a guest/patient in everyday life to find out the percentages/likelihood of situations to be probable or not. For example: in what age happened the experiencing of a certain traumatic experience. Or what importance has the indicated problem (is it on first − second − third − forth place) .Or to what percentage the guest/patient is really present? Or to what degree a truth is felt correctly? Or How many aspects has this problem that we are just dealing with? Or how many steps have to be taken? Or how many days a certain exercise needs to be maintained in the daily practice in order to root this truth into our body? Or quite basically: »where (how many km or meters) do I take the turn in order to get to the place that I need to get to now?« There are different methods in order to get the exact number you are looking for. You imagine a scale of numbers or other ways or arranging numbers and then you let your finger land exactly on the number that has he most energy. This is easier than it seems − but still complicated enough to be presented here in this framework. This is part of  Training.